I've been looking at some guitars to buy, and ive narrowed it down to 3:
an ibanez SAS 36, an Epiphone Explorer (Korina), and an Ibanez Destroyer.
Does anyone out there own any of these guitars or has any ideas about which to get? Any advice would be greatly apreciated
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I have the Epi Goth, Epi Korina, and Gibson Explorer. if you're familiar with the standard specs, you already know the body wood, neck wood and fretboard, PUs, etc. The cool thing with the Epis is that they're set necks and all I did to make them better are to upgrade the PUs - threw in 496R and 500T on the Epi Korina and a calibrated set of Warpigs on the Epi Goth.

Now, the Epi Goth is easily one of my favorite Bucker guitars. The Warpigs made a huge difference and those PUs are insane though they might not be for everyone. It's all a matter of preference.

Good Luck!
If the Ibanez Destroyer is from the 80s or early 90s definitely get that one. Ive played the DT555 I think which is 3 pickup version and it was awesome.
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Ibanez Destroyer. But in my opinion if you're going to get an explorer, get the real thing.

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Quote by pullmeunder
Ibanez Destroyer. But in my opinion if you're going to get an explorer, get the real thing.

For the most part I agree...

I'll make an exception for the Jackson Kelly Ke-2
Its Alder and has a Floyd, plus, on the whole is higher quality than a Gibson Explorer..

Of course I'd take a gibby over an Ibanez, ESP, or most knock-offs any day..
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