Hi, i have been looking at the vc30 but i dont know what speakers size i should get, there is a 1x12,2x10 or a 2x12. i play all types of music from blues to rock to metal. if u think there is a better tube amp for £350 plz say.

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The VC is a very good amp for rock/blues, but you'd probably need a pedal to play metal on it. Speaker size, that really depends on what and where do you play. If it's for practice only, probably an 1x12. If you do gigs and whatnot, 2x10 or 2x12 would do more good, obviously.
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^ +1.

I think it has a speaker out too, though- a 1x12 will be lighter, and you could just buy an extension cab later.

if you play mostly metal, though, an ashdown fallen angel, randall rg50tc, and marshall dsl401 would be worth a look too. but the vc is at least as good as those, IMO.
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