How do I tune to drop C with a tuner that's only made for tuning to standard and drop D (flat too)?

I found a way, but correct me if it's wrong since I'm a noob that doesn't know his notes. I know for sure it's not deadly accurate, but I tuned to drop D while fretting the 2nd fret for every string. like for example I tuned to D on the 6th string while fretting the 2 the whole time.

Thank you.
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if its chromatic u can tune it to anything
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just drop eveythng down a step, then tune it like you would to get to drop d.
or to make it easier... just go buy a Korg chromatic... they're not too bad in the price department... and you can use it to tune anything
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do it by ear, or do it how Vin said. those are the 2 ways i used to do it.
Or you can put it in drop d... Tune it into D standard by holding the 5th fret on the d string, then the next blah blah blah... Then drop it again... Pretty simple...

Or you could do it the half assed way (my way :P)... In Standard, on the low E, hold the 9th fret and tune it down till it sounds the same as the A string, then your E string is in C, then tune with the 7th fret and down tune the a and so on and so on.

That didn't make much sense but I can never explain tuning properly... With a video... Perhaps I could.