Allright, I've had a Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H Sitting on top of a Peavey 5150 412 Slant Cabinet for a bit over a year now, & in that time, I've bought a $140 USB Midi Cable to connect the V-ampire LX1200H, to my Desktop (Self-built 3Gb+ intel Pentium Dual-Core processor), & my Laptop (which is powered by a 2Gb+ 64-Bit AMD Semperon Processor)....loading both PC's with the V-Amp2 Interface Software, I Downloaded all of the presets that people had uploaded onto the Behringer website.

The V-Amp2 Software is Really-REALLY cool, it allows you to control ALL of the amp's settings remotley from your computer with an easier more user-friendly interface then just turning the dials on the amp... (I've downloaded the PDF V-Ampire LX1200H User Manual & Printed it out & read it 10-Times-Over & That amp is STILL SUPER complicated....
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