Hey guys, please crit this song. This is just the main part of the song. I'm gunna add details, and lead, etc. later. Thanks to all who crit.
F Minor Creation.zip
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its very...simple, I'm sure you're bass player isnt gunna happy with that song.

im sure it will be very cool when there is a lead in there.
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The bit where it changes between clean and distorted doesnt have enough about it to make it stand out if you know what I mean, unless you have vocals over it, then it might sound better (although it may be GP's quality). As the basis for a song its got potential, but needs quite alot of bulking up, but should be good when you get more into it.
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i like it but you can end it with harmony and a fade out
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if you just add more complexity too it it will be better. pretty good though

crit mine?

It's called Classical
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You gotta make new riffs, it becomes very boring listening to the same thing over and over.
You need new riffs, leads or vocals over that.
And after youve added that, its gonna be all good.