I have a Fender Blues Jr and just wondering what you guys would do for overdrive

Would you use the amp's natural OD or would you put the amp on clean and use a pedal as an OD channel?

what usually sounds better? my pedal is a Keeley modded BD2
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what music do you play?
what tone do you like?
if you already have the pedal, why dont you compare and see which you like best?
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Can't you use the BD-2 on the dirty channel to give you more distortion?
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at lower volumes ull want an od pedal.

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I'd prefer amp overdrive, but yeah, for lower volumes, you're going to have to go with a pedal.
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assuming you can crank it, I'd set the amp up for a crunch, with master volume on 10, roll off the guitar's volume for clean, and (with the guitar's volume back up again) kick in the pedal when you need it, or for a solo boost.
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The amp's natural OD is amazing, but not at all highish gain or anywhere near.

With the amp's pre-amp OD cranked, it sounds like mud.

An OD is great with the amp cleanish.
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