I've been lurking around youtube lately, and I've noticed alot of different types of tapping. The one I'm most interested in is when the player kinda taps out the arpeggio. I really dont know how to explain this well, but here is a good example.

and here. The first part where Herman sweeps and taps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXodez0Axcg

So where would I start to learn this technique? I really have no idea where to start really. Is anybody here good at this technique, and willing to share some pointers?
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Basically I think what you are talking about is sweep-tapping. When you play an arpeggio and then tap another note on top of it.

So if you are tapping a simple Am arpeggio, C shape... you'd play it like this:


And then when you are at the top of the arpeggio there, you can tap the 13th fret for a minor 6th on top (phrygian, aeolian), the 14th fret for a major 6th (dorian), the 15th fret for a minor 7 (most minor shapes), or the 17th fret for the octave above. Then you can pull off back to the 12th fret, and go back down the arpeggio.

Hope that makes sense, because it sure as hell looks garbled to me.