ok so i wanna figure out a way to use a laptop+guitar rig+a pa or 4x12 cab to play with a band.

my friend dosent have an amp and wants to jam, so i thought of using guitar rig hooked up to a 4x12 cab, or a cheap pa system

is it even possible how would it work
i was thinkin

p.a. system running into the pcs speaker input using a 1/4-1/8 adapter, then running the guitar into the pcs mic input using a 1/4 to 1/8th adapter.
im thinkin this will work.

another idea which i dont know if it will work is hooking up the 4x12 cab into the pc's speaker input using a 1/4-1/8 adapter (using a regular instrument cable, is that safe?). then connect the guitar into the mic input using a 1/4-1/8

will any of these ideas work,
can u guys suggest any other ideas,
we have no money and a 4x12 cab, i have a cheap 20 watt rouge amp i dont knwo if itll work witht he cab, but i doub tit how ca i chek?

well hooking it up to the comp wont work i dont think b/c it doesnt have anything to power the cab. so that might be outa the question. the pa wont work either i dont think b/c the pc speakers probly wont be able to handle all the watts .

but, there is hope, if you have a combo amp, usually there is a cable or wire connecting the head to the speaker, so if you can find it, sometimes they use a cable, and you can unplug that and plug another into the head, and then put the other end into the cab.

how do you have a 4x12 but no amp...?
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Quote by flyingv_m3

how do you have a 4x12 but no amp...?


But yeah, I have a Fender 25W Combo, and there is a "External Speaker" jack on the front. You run a speaker cable from that into the input of the cab.
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no there isnt a external thing on the amp

but yea i have 2 cabs a 4x12 and a 2x12 im going to use my 2x12 with my head, but my frined dosent have an amp so im tryin to think of shit last minute
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