I play Death Metal, Grindcore, Folk Metal, Yeah. Anyways I play an ESP LTD F-50 as of now. I want to buy a second guitar but can't decide which one to buy. I'm looking at either an
Ibanez 7 String

Schecter 7 StringSchecter

Or a Winter, now about these, they're a small new brand that makes almost hybrid bodies. I've talked to the dealers and they've said theyre good. I just am hesitant to buy one due to their young age.

What would you guys reccomend? I'm willing to buy them for their prices I just dont know which one to buy. I've also played both 7 strings.
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Definently the Ibanez man. Ibanez is great. Ibanez make amazing lower end guitars and for cheap prices. Plus alot of people use 7 string Ibanez such as Unearth. Plus the bridge on the ibanez is much better. Go for the Ibanez!
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I'm also wondering about the "Folk Metal" thing. Do you mean "Acoustic Metal" like Tenacious D?

And if I can give you any advice, give up "Grindcore". Really.
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Folk Metal= Heavy guitar riffs crossed with violins, accordians, and norse themed lyrics. haha bands are... Finntroll and Korpiklaani.

As for grindcore, I dont play the new poser shit out there. I mean the more melodic stuff like Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Deeds of Flesh, and Cattle Decapitation.

Anyways, I excluded the schecter due to multiple people telling me of their poor quality. You guys are right the Winters are BEAUTIFUL. I've come close to making a decision on the Winter or something along the lines of it because I called a local dealer and he makes custom guitars of 1,000 dollar value and sells em for $300. He makes a SHITLOAD of money from it. I'm probably going to purchase one there. The owner is going to send me some pictures of some of his custom styles and stuff. I'm probably gonna buy one from him.