Erm yeah, this is my first time using GP, so you know.

A few things before/whilst you listen

I've not really one any fills with the drums, there's about 2 mini rolls and that's it really.
I think the transition from verse to chorus sounds a bit wrong, so I'm thinking of changing the chorus to the intro riff.
In fact, I think the chorus is kinda bad in general...
I can't make music for the trumpet at all, .
It's not so much ska, more pop punk with a trumpet

So yeah, those are the main things.

Instruments used:
Guitar (Electric, distorted)
Guitar (Electric, distorted)
Bass (Electric, picked)

*Shrug* Let me know what you think

EDIT: And to save making a new thread. When I play the song, the drums and trumpet aren't playing , it was working fine before. Anyone any idea what's up?
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Sounds a bit like less than jake, i'll listen if you put it in a MIDI file.
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EDIT: Wow, sounds a lot different in midi.

Yeh it does that sometimes, it sounds REALLY different in MP3 format as well.

I agree with the guy above me, it's not exciting enough, punk and ska (Ignore pop punk because that sucks) is genrealy fast and "rebellious", i think this is a bit sluggish right now.

It's well put together though, there's some good parts there it's just that they don't really grab your attention enough.

Quite well done for a first attempt at Guitar Pro.

And listening a second time, it's a bit too 4/4 straight quaver-ish if you get me(Which you can get away with in reality but on MIDI can sound a bit crap), though i think it sounds like you realised that and tried to make it a bit more exciting.
I liked the whole rhythm and the beat of it, but it was a bit quiet and slow. Sounds rather nice though.