I see ghosts down your street
Under moonlight where I felt complete
But you’ve packed up all your stuff
Moving on, and everything’s messed up

I ran into your friend today
She said, ‘how’s it goin’ by the way?’

And I said I feel all right
But I’ve been much better
What can I say?
I really miss her

And I hope your getting’ on that plane
When your back I hope you feel the same
And all the things we did before
When your back I hope we’ll do some more

I ran into your friend again
She said, ‘darlin’ how you been?’

And I said I’ve been all right
And I’m doing better
What more can I do?
In such stormy weather

(Instrumental/ Solo)

I ran into your friend again
She said, ‘darlin’ how you been- since we last spoke?’
And I said it was only yesterday
She said, ‘is that so?’
Just goes to show

That we feel all right
But we’ve been much better
It’s hard to stand up straight
In such stormy weather
yeah i like this to. Some of it didn't really flow but most was good. 8/10. And your name goo fan. You talkin about the goo goo dolls?
hey thanks guys. i might consider changing the title. And yeah I'm a huge fan of the goo goo dolls