All right, so I was just sitting there playing my guitar this morning when all of a sudden the noise when out... I jiggled the cable around, and it came back in; but when I move it to the wrong spot, it goes out. So basically, my input jack isn't really working. I took it out and tried tightening it, but that didn't really work. Normally I wouldn't be too worried, but I have a gig tonight at 7:30. So what can I do?! I think I do have an extra jack lying around from a while ago; would I be fine if I just swapped them out (assuming I can find it)?
It's probably the soldering gone bad on the inside, if you take it to a shop it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to completely fix. If it takes longer they're just lazy ****s.
This has happened to me twice. Most likely, one of the wires inside your jack is disconnected and needs to be soldered. When I took it to a shop to get fixed, it took three days to get it back, but the second time I just had my father do a bang up soldering job. Unscrew the jack and look to see if that's what the problem is.
All right, I'll go check the wiring. I can solder myself, so it's no problem. If it makes a difference the jack seems to move around a lot; it's really loose.

EDIT: So on the inside there's one cable coming from the inside wiring that splits into two right before meeting the jack. One of them is a white cable, which seems fine, and the other splits into like 20-30 different short little bare wires, and it looks as if only maybe 5 of them are actually soldered on. Would this likely be my problem?
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yep, thats the problem i bet. try that. i had the same problem with my old guitar. i never really got it fixed but what i did was jiggle the cord until the sound came through and then i taped it in that position. ghetto but worked.. then again i didnt have a gig.
Mine still does this. It has only fallen out a few times, and the only problems I've found is that I wonder why I am getting no sound.
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Agh, jenny has a pretty helpful picture of the guitar input and wires, but I can't find it at the moment,
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connect that black wire back on the other lug where it belongs. buy a $10 soldering iron kit and follow the instructions on it. should take abou 2 mins.
and next time follow the instructions on the pic if ur jack ever becomes loose again.

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