I got a RG570 and when I was going to adjust the truss rod, I realized that I don't have the right tool...

So what is the name of the tool and what size is it, so that I can buy it on RadioShack or something.. =)

Thanks for the help
It's probably one of those hexagonal screwdrivers, or some allen key.

You can find a set of those at a hardware store. My dad has one. You get a handle with changable "shafts" with different ends on them for different screws.
For most guitars, they use the 4mm ones
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Supplied Ibanez tool - for truss rod nut (7mm thin wall socket)

According to JemSite.com, so I guess its a 7mm haxagonal screwdriver?
you guys have any idea of where i can find it?

and is the name of the tool really 7mm haxagonal screwdriver?

sorry, i don't know much about tools =|