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I believe this one was for two points. Sorry i took like a month to set it up...

I do but I don't
I do but I don’t I will but I won’t But I can tell you this I savor every single kiss Nothing matters much to me Im not sure what I should be What is there left in this town Every thought that I have brings me down There has to be a reason Cause nothing I do seems to be pleasin Especially when it comes to you I guess this is all No one to pick me up when I fall So unless u have something to say This is the end at least for today I do but I don’t I will but I won’t

Biology is more fun than it has any right to be.

There is a tick in your eyes, suckling blood from
The place I just touched,
Your lips conceal a tick and a worm drops out,
Not quickly, but fast enough for you to catch it
With your scarf and cradle it;
I move closer and tease the hairy legs with a stroke,
You move closer and you open your eyes wide
So I can see the wings clearly through the chrysalis,
They are pumping;
I move closer still and tilt my head,
We’re owls, sitting there, cocked faces staring at each other,
Tears in our eyes because—

There is a tick in your lips
And it grows to the size of a smile.

Owl’s kiss with their feathers out,
So we just touch hands, spread our wings, and
Turn into butterflies.