I just got an Ibanez RG1570 about a month ago and up until now it stayed in tune very well. Now everytime I use the tremolo it screws it up about a quarter step. it's possible that I just didn't notice before, but how do I deal with it?
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its the trem itself. LFRs go to shit most of the time so i suggest replacing it with a OFR. that should fix the problem.

EDIT:the reason its going 1/4 step down is because the metal of LFRs arnt hardened the same way as ORFs are. so the LFRs tend to bend on the blades/edges and wil start to go out of tune unlike a ORF which stays
what's all this LFR/OFR business you're talking about?
my band is here ------> myspace.com/weareattica
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