i asked my teacher to clarify these yesterday, and he said they have b9, #9, b5, or #5 in them

i kind of remember there being more to it


b9, b11, #11, 14, or something, i might be thinking of another type of chord though, it has to do with jazz a lot i remember, anybody know what im talkin about?
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b9, #9, b5 and #5 are all the possible alterations to a dominant chord.

If you look at the notes you've given - b9 is one alteration. b11 is a major third , so isn't an alteration... #11 is enharmonic to a b5 and 14 is a major seventh.

b5 and #5 can also be called #11 and b13 respectively.

So you have.. b9 - #9 - b5 (#11) - #5 (b13).

Your teacher is correct.

Edit: I can go into detail about why those are the only possible alterations, if you want..
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