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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
25 27%
Gears of War
26 28%
Resistance: Fall of Man
1 1%
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
2 2%
The Elder Scrolls Oblivion
12 13%
New Super Mario Bros
4 4%
Final Fantasy XII (i think)
4 4%
The Godfather
2 2%
Loco Roco
2 2%
Guitar Hero 2
15 16%
Voters: 93.
what do you think was the Game Of the Year? so many good games came out this year its hard to decide. i am a huge zelda fan, so i would pick Twilight Princess, but alas, ive never played it yet. so i picked Gears Of War. Your thoughts?

2006 wasn't a good year for video games,

but i'll go with assasin's creed (not sure if it's a 06 game)

Maybe you mean 2006, so in that case , the best game I bought last year is Counter strike source
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2006 wasn't a good year for video games,

but i'll go with assasin's creed (not sure if it's a 06 game)
It's not out yet.

Oblivion ftw.
Twilight Princess.

No contest.
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Shadow Of the Collosus. (console)
Medieval 2:Total War (pc) imo.

Terrible list there btw. Final Fantasy beat Zelda to the top spot in Edge's list, just a note.

Edit: As I've only played two games off that list (Gears of war and Loco Roco) I'd say Loco Roco. Gears of War was okay, but full of pointless plotlines and mediocre action, it was like playing an improved version of kill.switch. 2006 had it's great games, you just didn't have the usual series providing them.

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ZELDA FTW!!! I've had my gamecube for 3 years and it's the first game I actually bought. Freaking sweet game. I'm at 30 hours and still not done.
since i havent played zelda i pick Gears of war. the chainsaw is ingenious!
Next would have to be Loco Roco, what a great game
Guitar Hero 2 is the only one i really played. Although, I wish Resident Evil 4 were from 06, as it would surely win
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Gears of War, Gears of War, Gears of War, and Gears of War.
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gears of

wait for it...

wait for it...

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FFXII is a f**king awesome game!!!! FTW

I heard it was teh ghey with the new Battle System.

On a side note, I'm playing FF8 right now, ghey battle system but how much does the card game pwn!!

twilight princess definitely

i'd say best handheld nsmb but even it couldn't compete with zelda

07 best handheld game i'm predicting to be phantom hourglass (its zelda, so made by possibly the best team of designers in the industry) and best console game could be the new metroid or mario galaxy (dunno what ff be like for wii, if its good then it could be)

surprisingly i'd say wii sports has to be one of the better games i've played this year, its basic but fun
Gears of War

I played for an hour at my friend's house and it was one of the best video game hours of my life...

...next to playing Super Smash Brothers when I was 8...
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Not saying that Gears Of War was crap, it just seems kinda rushed. For example all the plotlines that were brought up pointlessly and then never explained (maybe I missed something but you'd think him going back to his house would trigger some childhood memories, or maybe some explanation about the basement lab?) and most of the time fighting 'huge' enemies was just finding a spot and firing the Hammer Of Dawn. I could've done with some more fights like the corpser battle.

To be honest it was like playing kill.switch, with having more life (in that game, you'd get destroyed if you got caught out of cover), more interesting enemies and bigger guns. Even though it's a different game, God Of War's huge bosses werefun back in the day, and I was kinda looking forward to fighting huge things in Gears Of War, though you only really get to properly fight one such beast.

Too much hype imo. If the either cut the pointless plotlines or expanded on them, and spent some time making some more interesting end of level bosses. The 'in-between' bits were great though.

It was okay, could've been much better, ignoring the work put into the graphics, it didn't really do much beyond the great games I played on the PS2. Though there are some games made for taking advantage of a console's power beyond graphics...

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Gears of War is great, not brilliant but bloody good. I'd say FIFA, 'cos it just gets better each year.

I voted for MGS. I haven't played the portable but it's obvious that MGS = Awesome.
Gears of War was really cool, I loved it enough to beat it first on casual, then on insane; only problem with it that I have that it's way too short, took me and my brother maybe a week of playing an hr or two every day to do that. And FIFA, we're still playing that at least one game every evening.
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Best game I played was Fahrenheit (in the US called the Indigo Prophecy), don't know from what year it is though.
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Twilight Princess.

No contest.

Plenty of contest.

I'd pick Gears of War for Action, Oblivion for RPG/Adventure, and I guess I'd have to throw in Zelda for adventure/childish game otherwise the fanboys will nag me. I personally wasn't very impressed with Zelda, but that's probably because I've played and seen too many games like it, including previous zelda titles.
Gears of War FTW.... and Guitar Hero 2 for 360 (downloadable content! wooooo) / Halo 3 will be my games of the year for next year i'm predicting
As a few have said, a bad year for games.

But Oblivion blows most of those out of the water. I don't see why people like gears of war so much. The campaign is pretty boring unless you are playing coop (which is quite fun). The Deathmatch is lame because every match, the players do the same thing: one rushes for the sniper, while another rushes for the torque bow.
was HL2 out in 06 or 05? if it was 06 it wins
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Definitely 'squares' (the game - I wasn't insulting anyone)
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