yah i definately dig this man, the tone is somewhat earpiecing, but the riffs are fun, fast, and rocking. Could see some dio singing over this haha. One specific minory sounding power chord to riff section is quite cool. Only complaint i have is that the pinch harmonics are a little TOO high pitched. Also the whole things chugs along in a similair manner, id like to hear something to mix it up, but of course its not done so its understandable. Get back to me if u do this with drums and bass(real drums and bass, dont dare ruin it with guitar pro shite)
He came dancing across the water
Cortez, cortez
What a killer.
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Lol alright man, so you advise, that when I record to turn the bass up, treble is too much? And I'm keeping the pinches because they sound good live, just the treble knocks them up to ear piercing on the recording. Thanks man, working on getting our bassist over and my bro (drummer) the drumming recording wouldn't be so clean since we don't have professional mic(s)
I heard this song on your youtube I think! Cuz it sounds very familiar. Like ive said before, I love your work, this is awesome, the riffs are pretty cool sounding 9/10!

The only thing was that the guitars kinda sounded out of sync in some spots , but nothing major