Please leave your opinion on my song please. The structure is very very basic, but i had written some stuff that was not standard structure and i fancied a change.

Is my voice as bad as i think?

What do you think about the lyrics? (strange subject i know)


Ta for your opinions

PS feel free to leave any other criticisms
i like your voice, you could even raise the mic up a bit. its good.
_b l/ink youreyes /1 for yes 2 fo_r n o
I like it. You sound like you are using a mahogany or laminate back and sides guitar. They tend to rob the music of the bass. I would recommend borrowing a rosewood back guitar if you have access to one when recording. I will have a fuller sound. Vocal is pretty decent. It isn't quite loud enough. I like the song a lot. Gotta give you an A- on this one.

Would you mind reviewing Calico Girl?