Are there any good all-tube amp for about $300-400? Genre: mainly metal.
I know my options are limited at this price range.

If I got a tube amp with good cleans, like the Fender Pro Junior, and plugged a tube screamer into it, would it be good for metal sounds?

I would not reccomend a clean amp for metal, not at all

a tube screamer gives it a nice distortion sound, but its more of a "bluesy" distortion, think SRV

i use a deluxe reverb amp that only has clean channels and it does not sound good for metal through a tubescreamer or pretty much any other pedal for that matter, while you do get a decent amount of gain through the pedal you can still clearly hear every string you strum (an example of that is playing open chords with full distortion and still hearing all the strings) it just doesnt sound as good as a dirty amp for metal.

However if you like that sound, it is viable for metal, I personally would not reccomend it
In that price range, and for metal, you'd be better off with one of the Randall RG series, perhaps the RG150G. Excellent metal amp. Not tube.
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