ma bud's fretboard is getting to be pretty dirty, so he was thinking about polishing/cleaning it up while the strings were off.

so what to use? any household products that could do it?

i think ive heard lemon juice or something like that before, but he was about to use water and i stopped him. just making sure.

depends on whether the wood is sealed or unsealed. ive got a rosewood fretboard, and its unvarnished as far as i can tell. i can feel the grain with my fingers, and it has no shine, just the smooth, soft feel of natural, hardened wood. so i cant use any finishing products or cleaners like lemon oil or mr sheen as my dad suggested:p. i just slightly dampen my cloth with around 4 drops of water and rub that over the board. gotta wait for it to dry completely before stringing it again.
i use this dunlop cleaning stuff. i dont kno the exact name cuz the label is scratched off
Well if its just straight wood, you should be able to use like pledge or something. Water would work just fine though. Thats what I usually use.
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