Pretty good. The vocalist's voice kind of reminds me of early Blindside. The instruments blend together pretty well, but I think the music could be a little "thicker". More of a "wall of sound" would help this song; perhaps turn up the bass or give it some extra fuzziness. Pretty good dynamics for the chorus. Overall, solid work

Crit for crit?
Yeah, I agree, I'm pretty much been listening to this over and over again. I'll work on the arrangement of the song. Also, I'm gonna beat the crap out of our drummer until he plays something decently complicated. Thanks
I like it. Good job on the song. Intro is particulary catchy. The lead guitar that comes in later is not loud enough and I'm not sure if it is overkill or not. It seems to fight with the rest of the music. Pretty decent vocal. It seems you took two songs and tried to blend them together. They are both very good. One tries to be metal and one is more folkish. I think you could make two very good songs with what you have here. Keep the metal parts together and the quiet parts together and make two songs out of one. That is my humble advice. Gotta say I like this a lot.

I listened to Pulling Teeth and it is also very good. You guys have some talent.

Would you mind reviewing Calico Girl?

^ i disagree with the dual guitar parts, i think it sounds good that way. but then again i like double guitars parts where they are both "leady" parts, not saying yours are that way they seem to be rhythm/lead. i think to fix the difference in balance with the intro, use less distortion on rhythm. also try making the playing smoother and tight, especially for a botb. the intro was good though.

vocals were pretty good. i would maybe say make the chorus more intense, vocally? as in just let it go, you know? good job.
ir eally liked it, u have a good singer but i think there are a few tiny places where he misteps i think if he took a couple of lessons and polish his voice up it would be very beneficial. the song needs a little rehearsing and ur band name sound boring and unoriginal lol. music is great tho

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sorry to bust everyones bubble but lamb of god arent "hardcore" theyre death metal, and therefore metal.
you got some good ideas here, i think the recording quality could be pretty significantly better, but thats a pretty cool riff i feel like maybe a little less distortion. the vocals are pretty good, a couple spots where they miss a note or two,., but actually pretty good overall, like u already said i might work on the arrangment

im hearing when he starts screaming like hes trying to make his voice something its not, he should use his own voice, but this isnt to bad at all

if you could?