I have read over countless articles and many posts about this subject, it seems to be fairly common depending. Though opinions seem to be varied depending upon the situation. Weather wrist pain is common and what bad and what is not. Now I have talked to many people and have heard that wrist problems go along with playing the guitar, also have had a few people say they feel no pain at all, well the question there is was there pain when you start... Now the big question here is how common do you guys think wrist pain is? How many of you have actually tried something like wrist supports to help it?
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my wrist sometimes hurts if ive been downpicking quite fast for a while, but it goes away.

do you mean wrist pain while not playing guitar, as a result of playing?
i get it from time to time, but not often.
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I experience mild - moderate wrist pain probably stemming from excessive playing while using bad posture. There's been times in the middle of practices where I've had to just stop playing and take a break. What I've been doing to avoid it is to take breaks frequently (I know, when playing a gig you can't do that, but it helps to do so to avoid damaging anything permenantly just from practicing), and keep an eye on the way your wrist is bent when playing. I've also found that those grip-master finger exerciser things and stress balls help to build stamina in the wrist as well as finger strength, so it's really a two for one deal for me.

I've not tried any sort of bracing other than an ace bandage, which didn't do much for me.
Well I am fairly new player 6 months of playing bass for the most part, I find personaly my wrist hurts more when I play bass than guitar... does it always hurt though though I think it comes from tenstion and actualy feel more tension on my wrist when i reach for the top e. But I normaly do not have problems in my right hand normaly just my fretting hand.
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It's important to recognize the difference between pain and discomfort. Discomfort is good, and you will get over it. Pain means you are doing something wrong and need to correct it (usually thumb position).
I get it from time to time if i go on for hours playing. But a teacher of mines has tendonitus, a result of guitar playing. He said he used to play 11's on his guitar but stopped because it causes problems.
only when i learn a fast palm muted downstrokes song. like for example, the song DIO - we rock and deep purple - highway star gave me at the beginning a lot of wrist pain.
the keyboard solo part in highway star still gives me wrist pain, and i learned that song before 3 weeks

You should NOT be feeling any kind of wrist pain, and you won't, if you use proper posture and technique.

But as has been said, there's a difference between discomfort and pain. Not that discomfort is always good ofcourse...
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my right index finger is twisted because of holding the pick. dont think that helped...