Well, this is my first recording, which was done with garage band on my laptop with the mic thats built into it (go ahead..laugh). Its just guitar and vocals. I'm a beginning guitarist, and this song sounded pretty simple so I covered it. And I'm by no means a singer but I tried to get it as close as possible. Ya, and the guitar tone came out sounding a little scratchy but its the best I can do at the moment.

**And this isnt a full cover, I left out some parts.

Pretty good mostly right. The distortion needs to be denser if you know what i mean.
I actually did record it first with a much denser tone, but it made a weird rattling noise on the recording, so I changed it a little.
Pretty good dude
The higher vocal parts were really good, but the chorus could use some work
the guitar and vocal timing got off a little bit near the end,

the tone was pretty good though, just a little denser

good job

Crit mine???
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Vocals would get 9/10 from me. They Outstanding! Very well suited for QOTSA. My only beef was that they weren't quite "Peppy" Enough at times. Would love to hear you cover some more QOTSA stuff, IE: "Burn The Witch", "Do It Again" or "You've Got A Killer Scene There Man" (Very Guitar Heavy Track, Lots of Improv so probably not the best choice).

This track seems fairly simple on Guitar but you played it almost flawlessly. I would've liked to see you play the whole track especially the Solo/Interlude (Not Very Hard) and get the Tone closer as it was off on your cover. I'll give you a 6/10 on that just because I would love to hear you do the entire track. Overall I'd say about a 7.5/10.
thats really good,i would also like to hear you do more qotsa....keep it up,overall,i give ou....meh-7/10...
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Thanks for the kind words guys. And ya, I will be doing some more QOTSA covers in the near future. I'm gonna try to get Go With the Flow done today. And I just learned the If Only riff so I'll try do to that one soon too. Oh, and ya those are good suggestions HappyGilmore899, I know most of Burn the Witch. I could probably learn Do It Again, but I dont know about You've Got a...., Id love to sing it but I dont know if I could pull it off with the guitar+bass. So ya, for those of you who liked this one, there should be some more up soon for you to crit. Thanks!

EDIT: Aright, so I did Go With the Flow, check out my purevolume.
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i think itd be cool if your covered millionaire or little sister...thatd be awesome to hear
What new friends will the day bring?

Private in the 7>6

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Ya, actually I'm gonna try to cover Little Sister tommorow, I just looked up the tab and its definately do-able. The solo might be a little over my head though, so I might end up leaving it out, but idk.
That was pretty sweet. this is one of my fav. songs by them ^_^ good job on it. I'd also like to hear you cover Little Sister or Burn the Witch. good job