Hey guys check out my cover of pain by 3 days grace

I also uploaded U2 - one , linkin park breaking the habit, knocking on heavens door, and chasing cars by snow patrol

YOu can see my channel and pick from any of those vids

I personally like my cover of pain!

Thanks guys!
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I listened to chasing cars and that is probably the best you've done so far. You are quite amazing really.

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all of the songs sound great,chasing cars is probably the best song youve done,pain was good,also,but chasing cars was the best,you did great once again
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not to be a dick, but i think the breaking the habit could have been better with some different chords... but then again, i remember hearing that you were mainly a bass player right? ah well. i like the vocals. good job on it anyways.
I could have done better chords, but then I'd have to tune down my gibson, and i dont wanna do that if i dont have to

and in the verse, its just Em... with that lil riff....
Work to live, not live to work.
damn, that knockin on heaven's door cover is killer, you have an awesome taste in music and an awesome voice. you're in a band right? how often do you guys gig and do you mainly play bars?

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