I'm truly fan of Alternative artists, and I thought it would be intersting to find out what bands you prefer.

So, who is your favourite Alternative / alternative rock band(s) ?

Mine would have to be : 3 Doors Down, HIM, Breaking Benjamin, Hoobastank.
Not so keen on hoobastank but 3 doors down are one of the best bands around

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oh god it has got to be incubus
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im not a huge fan of alternative stuff... but i like Weezer and Incubus
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I have to agree on Incubus and Pearl Jam.
Alter Bridge is awesome aswell. Some of Creed is decent also IMO.
Torn between the immortally-cool Pumpkins, the ever-bizarre Pixies, the not-actually-a-band Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, or The Smiths. Ours gets honourable mention.
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