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smells like teen spirit probably.
Stay together for the kids.... I still remember the day i thought blink 182 and green day were amazing.... <sighs>
on the guitar, the first full song i learned was "knockin on heaven's door from guns n' roses"
on the piano, i learned "i ain't mad atcha" from tupac, and on the bass i learned "money" from pink floyd
My first FULL real song was American Idiot. Before that I was playing stupid Austrian polkas out of guitar books.
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The house of the rising sun by the Animals

EDIT: Actually that was the second the first one was Arpeggios from hell.
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smoke on the water by deep purple
VAN HALEN - March 13 at the Izod

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iron man then smoke on the water
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Smoke on the Water followed by House of the Rising Sun.

The fisrt full song I have learnd was Cant get Enough by Bad Company.
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smoke on the water seconded by the house of the rising sun

LOL @ the arpeggios from hell comment
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your moms an is

i think mine was come as you are, first full song was violence by blink haha those were the days

i think it is important that everyone who reads this know that i am now going to go to bed as i am very tired and need my beauty sleep
The first song i learnt all the way through was Around the World-Red Hot Chili Peppers. But the first riff i learnt was, i think, Smells Like Teen Spirit but with only single notes.
smoke on the water
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House of the Rising Sun, which I've forgotten how to play.

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Not Smoke on the water haha.

Well first thing I ever played was the riff too Seven Nation Army (Amazing)

First full song was Iron Man excluding most of the solo I think.

Seven Nation Army. I figured it out myself.

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enter sandman it took like 2 months to learn it (without solos) but now i can play it with solos

but the first riff i learned was from smoke on the water
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Seven Nation Army. I figured it out myself.

that's believable.....

well I suppose you could have done if you already played another instrument for a long time beforehand

but yeah anyway, I think mine was smells like teen spirit...
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Jesus of Suburbia- Green Day
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Smoke on the Water
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