Okay i have a stupid question lately i've been noticing some damned high pitched feedback that wasn't there before.

I replaced the bezels on my pickups from black to gold. But the Carvin pickups = 2 screws on the left, 1 screw on the right, and those you twist for the pickup height. There's also a screw hole in the middle, so I took those three out, replaced them with 1 gold screw on each side since the bezel only had 1 screw hole on each side

Would this be any sort of detrimental affect on the pickup sound? What about the height of the pups, will that make a diff. in that annoying noise, i had them lower before but they sounded "far away" so i brought them up a little and i like their sound better but now i'm noticing this hum.

Or it may just be my amp crapping out or something, i don't know, i'm technically challenged heh
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