Listen to it in your sleep.
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If I have bad creepy dreams tonight, your ass is toast Still Life

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Dream Sexy...dream Still Life...

Last.fm runs my life
I've heard weed does the trick... but iono, that could be the stoners saying that...
Not that I recommend it but weed does do it. Altering the chemicals in your brain is not good tho. Also somtimes an emotional time in your life will bring you closer to your music.
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Obviously I'm biased towards the correct point of view. What kind of retard isn't?

dont do drug like these berks are telling you. It only sounds good what you made when your on drugs cuz you were on drugs at the time.

you just need inspiration by doing anything. Listening to cultural music to get influence like indian music.
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Just think about music all the time and just play songs over in your head.
Become one with the guitar........and install a real cool tremelo so u can go "waahaaawaaahahah!!!"