ok,I needed to type this huge following thing, because im really confused. Ok My guitar teacher wrote up all of the modes in the G major. So i memorized them and the patterns, because he said dont learn the notes, learn the patterns of the scales, so you can move it to a different key. So now its been a half a week since that lesson, and I have lessons every week. Right now i am trying to figure out which mode sounds right in different places. I think my problem is I don't really understand modes, but what I think I figured out was, is the following:
Ok lets say my friend was doing an A power chord then changed to a G power chord, then an F power Chord. It sounded like an Ionian mode starting on A on the low E string, sounded good with it. Then I realized if I Moved the starting note of the mode up to a B on the low E string, then a Dorian Mode would sound good. and the so on with lyndian(or how ever you spell the 3rds mode) starting on a C. Then the phrigian(spelled wrong) starting on D... and then up one for every mode.
Do I have the right Idea, and if so, am I doing to much work to figure out which mode to play where?
Thanks guys, I know this is alot to read, but I'd appreciate answers. Thanks!
im pretty sure youre right. just in case you hadn't figured out - when you go into the next mode a few frets up (like youre doing) the next mode has the exact same nontes as the previous mode starting on the previous note
I would try A phyrigian or A aeolian over those powerchords because the notes in the chords are A and E, G and D, F and C, giving you 1 b3 4 5 b6 b7.

The modes of A major are A ionian, B dorian, C# Phrygian, D Lydian, E Mixolydian, F# Aeolian and G# Locrian. If you think A ionian sounds good over those chords then so will these modes but actually because the tonic is still A you are still playing A ionian.

I cant really explain this too well, I hope I answered your question somewhere with my post as I'm not too sure what you are actually asking.
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to learn modes you must learn harmonized scales first (which means chords) and you will learn that the patter goes

now in a modal system the root scale (Ionic or something...i dont remember all the names, just the scales) that would be the major chord in the harmonized scale, giving it a major, happy, sound. THe next mode (whatever its called) would have a minor sound, because it is a minor chord in the harmonized scale.

So when you want a minor sound, choose one of the minor modes (minor chords in the harmonized scale) use an appropriate one, perhaps the mode of the chord that is used in the song, and when you want a happy sound, use a major mode.

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