Hey everyone. Since I can't find any place that answers my problem I thought I would try here. Well... the other day I was tightening the Output Jack and the wire that was connected to that completely came off.

Can anyone offer me tips/steps on how to fix it? I have a soldering gun and I'm guessing that will help.

Thanks a lot.
Clean the place off where it was soldered by using a desoldering braid or a solder sucker, or whatever works for you. Then strip a little bit off the end of the wire that came off and solder it back to where it was originally attached.
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Well see... when I test it out on the original spot (I strum the strings, then I move the wire to the output jack while its connected to the amp) there was still no sound. Do you move the wire around the jack until you find a sweet spot?
If it's all metal, there's no "sweet spot," it's all connected. I'd go ahead and do what I said earlier, because that needs to be done. If it still doesn't work, you have a problem somewhere else.
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