So...today i began on making a pedalboard to house my wireless reciever tuner amp switch etc. also to have an excuse for more I began gathering some particle board( AKA compressed wood) and cut everyhting to dimensions and blah blah blah. I planned it all myself and decided i wanted 2 tiers. Umm...not too much to say. i havent been happy with any pedalboard ive seen to buy, but theres only a few on this site id be proud to own. so here is my UNFINISHED board without covering and no power yet. Im looking for a super clean look. Zebra fur is in store also...but not too sure yet. this sucker is strong...i glued and screwed all the joints and its rock solid, i was jumping on it earlier. and soon enough ill constuct a box for it. but heres what it is for now
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It's looking good. If you want an idea to do something, which I think improves it, you should add some outlets to the back of it, that way you can plug everything in there and don't have to have a surge protector.
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yea thats the basic plan...im gonna have 3 outlets and run an extension to power from there...my tu2 will power the boss pedals
Sweet. Another thing I did was install two 1/4" jacks, one for input, one for output.
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