I just recently put the Zakk Wylde 81/85 set in my guitar. I put them in myself, since I have never had any problems putting passives in any guitars. I got them working, but the pickups are really, really quiet. I literally have to turn the gain up all the way on my amp to hear them decently. Has this ever happened to anyone before? Could it be wiring problems or the pickups themselves? Any help would be great.
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not trying to insult you in any way here, but did you remember to install a battery?
sorry, but anything is possible...if you cant work it out, try taking it to a tech to look at it?
dude u just posted this thread like 2 minutes ago
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Yeah. It's got a new battery and everything.
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your sure you wired it properly and soldered the joints properly?
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man i got EMGs and tried to put them in myself also, and totally effed it up. get it proffessionallly done
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Positive. I've gone over the wiring probably a half a dozen times now, and had a buddy check it out. I just didn't know if this was anything anybody has ever heard of.
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I recently installed emgs in my guitar as well and it didnt work after, turned out that sumthin had gone wrong with the pickup selector switch, dunno if its a common problem
yeah u need to get them put in by a professional cause they need to do something with the tone controlls and volume controlls something about being to powerfull
I think I'm just going to bring it in somewhere tonight then.
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If you are completely sure you wired them correctly, and have a fresh battery, check the quick connecter on the pups. If its backwards you get a quiet sound, and if they are on the right way.......you get the correct sound.
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maybe raise the pickups themselves up a bit

Yeah I think the volume and tone pots have to be replaced for EMGs, but maybe I'm wrong.
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i was reading somewhere a guide to installing them and it said have them as close to the strings as possible.
did you change the pots too?
they use diff pots from normal pickups.
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Well, looks like you've got yourself a set of haunted pickups.
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did you change the pots too?
they use diff pots from normal pickups.

Yeah, the set should have come with the new pots.
The plugins have a little arrows on them. They should be visible when plugged in.
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