well out of ht efour guys in my band, three of them ( me includerd) are into classic rock. problem is that our controlling vocalist hates it and is really into sappy love tunes/punk rock. but he is one of my close friends and i dont want to kick him out only because he is a close friend and is really into the band. im screwed...my drummer and i really want to get more of a zeppelin/stoner rock sound, but he wants teen love songs...
what should i do?
Tell him straight up. say, "hey, if you wanna do love songs, that's ok, we can do a few. but, for every love song we do, we play 5 classic rock songs, ok? take it or leave it"
yea my bands policy is that every1 picks a song, after we learn those 4 every1 picks a new 1 and we learn those
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just tell him.

maybe even compromise on one or two songs, but then just say "okay, we're gonna do more classic rock songs b/c more of us (namely everyone but you) want to play that kind of music."
tell him that you are 3, and he's 1 and accordion to the rules of democracy, you have to play classic rock.
if he doesn't want it, he can just leave. there are zillions of punk rock bands out there that need singers .

Always give someone a warning or acknowledge them before kicking out. I've been in so many bands where people would fire each other over stupid shit without any notice. I was forced out of a band through a myspace message before. A few months later, they kicked out one of the guitarists through a text message..how much sense did that make? Especially after being together for months.

Also don't be afraid of kicking out friends. I had a close friend that I had played with for 5 years we were in a band that was getting serious and I kept telling him the same things over again (like get his driver's license at 22 years old....stop playing other people's instruments, etc) But he would never listen. We had a misunderstanding and ended up having 3 guitarists when we needed 2 (long story).. well.. we ended up kicking his ass out even though we had known and played with him for so long. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. The big picture of that is.. our band would NOT have been as successful if he would have stayed in that band.. I know that for a fact.

Also remember that you might need him later at some point, you never know when something may happen.
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Most singers are that way, because they that the singer is the first person in the band that the girls want to sleep with. Second is guitarist, last is bassist. Tell him that he isn't going to get any if he only sings those songs and that there are good classic love songs as well if he really wants some. If you can't handle him still, kick him out. But like GHII says, "If the singer ain't happy, no one's happy.
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