I know theres plenty of pedals for distortion, and hard rock kind of stuff. BUt are therew any good things like that for playing clean? If so what sort of effects would I be looking at? Thanks in advance.
a compressor, noise gate or a chorus pedal. the first two can be used to reduce the gain which is why they help make a clean(er) sound.
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yeah a chorus sounds pretty sweet on clean channels. Delay sounds kinda cool clean if your doing something with finger picking
chorus or delay.
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fender strat ->compression pedal ->vintage tube amp clean channel
I'm amazed no one has mentioned reverb yet
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phaser, reverb, delay, compression, chorus, acoustic sims. maybe even wah and tremolo
Phaser, reverb, delay and chorus all pwn on clean channel. Also, decent Wah pedals have a nice funky sound on a good clean channel.
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phaser, reverb, delay, compression, chorus, acoustic sims. maybe even wah and tremolo

you forgot flanger..

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Where the **** is wah?
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it makes a very vocal 'wah-wah' sound. unless you have a modern one, like a morley, which sounds like a guy on steroids doing the wah-wah sound. it's intense.
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