I'm am completely new to the world of cabs and heads. And well, i was wondering if my combo amp which is extendable (see link below)


would it work with this cab?


would it make much of a difference? is it worth it?
or should i just go with a 1X15 krueger cab?
puuulease tell me i really dunno what i'm doing.

Thank you!
If the wires from the speaker are connected to the line out then it will work.
Bass is my life.
When it comes to connecting heads/combos to cabs, technically all you have to do is connect them together with a speaker cable, and they'll work. But, you have to pay attention to the output and handling of them in watts at what ohms, otherwise you might end up causing for the cab to burn out. However, looking at the specs of both and given they are by the same manufacture and are quite similar, I'd say that you shouldn't have any problems with connecting the two. But if you can, reduce the output signal from the combo amp to about 90-95% to make sure, XD
That's what my question is about really the output watts ohms thingy. I really don't know anything about ohms. And i have heard instances of cabs burning out, and i wanted to make sure that wouldn't happen with my combo and this cab.
wait....u can reduce the output signal? are u talking about the volume?