realized that the tone i get i really really muddy. if anyone has owned this or has experience with it, let me know how yours is.

on another question, i was thinking of buying an american fender strat ($950ish) despite that i haven't taken any lessons or really practiced. i can strum some easy cords and read some easy tabs, but nothign really big. although i'm going to start lessons soon, i'm wondering if i'm going to be wow'ed by such a huge jump?

hey...well the only thing i'd say to u is get good at the guitar before you buy something new .. once you get your chords, scales n everything practised and u get the jist of them then i would buy the strat
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it's prolly just that amp or your cables... maybe both. yeah a strat will sound worlds better... but it's not worth you paying for a good guitar when you JUST started... wait at least 4 months... if you're still playing (good or not doesnt matter... just that you LIKE guitar) THEN get a strat... like i was saying though... a new amp would help alot. moreso than a good guitar. cause if you play a strat on that amp... it'll prolly sound muddy too.
i had the same pack, but in Junior (one pickup). the crap sound is from a combanation of the crappy guitar and amp. but i would wait a couple of months, take a couple of lessons, and than get a better guitar and amp. i didn't have a choice. my nut broke off.
its probably the eq you have on your amp.. set your low(bass) to about 6, mid(contour) to about 4 and your high(treble) to about 7 or 8.. also make sure your pickup selector switch is flicked down this selects the bridge pickup and gives you a bit more response and sustain! id say practice a bit more, wait until you know you arent just going to give up before you buy a new guitar.. when i first started i got rid of my first electric after 6th months and got a decent one, so i say wait till then!
alright, cool.

what exactly do you learn at your first few lessons? i don't suppose you'd be jumping into your favorite songs soon? ac/dc maybe since all their songs are so simple.
for that price it's not going to be great quality. just looking at the guitar it looks like cheap wood.

yeah don't spend near a grand on a guitar when your just starting, a lot of people quit in under a year. personally I'd spend a little less on the guitar and get a new decent amp too.. you can get some pretty good medium level guitars for around 400-600 dollars, ones that'll be good to have for years until your like really serious and playing gigs and stuff. same with amps. your probably better off spending like 500 on a guitar and 500 on an amp if your going to drop that much change on your set up.
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alright, cool.

what exactly do you learn at your first few lessons? i don't suppose you'd be jumping into your favorite songs soon? ac/dc maybe since all their songs are so simple.

odds are some chords, maybe 12 bar blues, or yes a simple song by AC/DC or something. really depends on your teacher, my first few lessons were zeppelin songs minus the solo's. but i had been playing for a little less than a year at the time i started lessons.
basic chords and fingerings a few scale shapes and a wee song or 2 to help you get the hang off changing chords and stuff id say! nothing too challenging, if your wanting to learn your favourite songs best way to go about it is by using tablature like.. its how i learnt from when i started! do you know how to read it ?
well personally I think the feeling of upgrading feels better when you can notice it more (when you know how to play better)
I know a friend who started out with a strat, gave up on it, and now its just sitting there, what a waste...
I would stick with the SG for a bit and get a simple $150 crate amp or something to start out with.

If you don't follow through with guitar, you'll have a shit load of equipment and no will to even use it.

Start out slow and take baby steps.
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It's a good starter pack, but compared to paying more money for a guitar and amp/pedals it sucks. But I think that the Epiphone SG starters packs are some of the best around, along with Ibanez. Your tone won't be too good as the amp is just a crud Epiphone 10watter, but stick with it for now, and then when you'e much better, buy yourself a better amp, then guitar.
Have a few lessons and stuff before you think about getting better gear. Once you have played for a few months (at least 2 months) you will know if you like guitar or if you only liked it for a few weeks (because it was new). Also, a teacher can help you chose what you might want to upgrade your gear 2.
You should check out the Ibanez GRX40 Jumpstart package. The guitar is not as cool looking as the SG, but it's my guitar and it plays really nice. Only the amp is not very good, so you might wanna replace it.
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Most starter packs aren't too good but I'd replace the amp first.
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