Anyone here heard of it? Have one? Anything?

My mother bought it back sometime in the late 70's and its traveled through many family members who wanted to give guitar a shot. As it turned out I've been the only one who decided to not give up and give playing guitar dedication.

I've always been more of an electric guitar person but its nice to have the acoustic around and besides, it was free.

But i've grown curious of it as it appears to not be made/sold anymore, I coulden't even find any on eBay.

So if anyone has any info on it and any estimations on value just say. (Not intending on selling my own mothers guitar i'm just curious )
I deal used acoustic guitars, especially Yamaha, and G-225's go from around 100.00 to 200.00 USD, with case. It depends a lot on condition. Do you have any pictures?
I have a G-225... from '75 I think. Mine still has a great sound to it, but has a few stratches.... just adds character I always say Great guitar though... I love it!
I never have difficulty 'performing' it right away with whistles, hums, 'grunts' and percussion.
I've had a G-225 for about 10 years now. I love it and would never sell it. Beautiful guitar with great sound. Retail is $100-$300 USD But resale would probably bring in much higher than that.