kinda country rock i guess.

Lipstick On The Table

I smoke and I drink
in fact Im drunk all the time
Helps not to think
keeps her off my mind
And yes J D, is a good friend of mine
Its what I do ,to keep from thinking of you...

I drove my car
for miles and miles
Dont know how far
before I got lost
And just to be sure
I drove a little further
Its what I do ,to keep from thinking of you...

I cry at night, why'd we have to fight
You took all the photo's,all whats lefts in my mind
And the only proof dear
That you ever were here
Is the lipstick on the table,that you left behind.

I mowed my lawn
I even cleaned up the house
The rag that I used
At 1 time was your blouse
And you use to wear,a matching bow in your hair
Leaves me to wonder,where's that bow now...Chorus:

Ya ! the lip stick on the table, that you left behind.
Pretty good, things were a little weird and a little awkward to follow, but the concept is there! Def. a country song, there is no real rock aspect to it, 100% country!