I went over to my friends house today and we were jamming for a while until we decided that we'd bring our other friend over with his drums to play with us. We'd played with him numerous times before but on an electric kit. This was the first time we'd ever heard the actual volume of an acoustic kit. We both currently play Fender/Marshall 25/30 watt amps and they are definetly not powerful enough to keep up the volume with the drums. I was wondering what a good cheap amp is that would keep up with the volume of his kit as well as be a decent practice amp. I'm not into all these effects with contour and separate channels. I'm into a basic amp with reverb and and nice clean channel because I have all the effects I need in pedals. ( I play thrash metal/death metal) Any help on choosing an amp would be appreciated. Combo or stacks are fine.
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