Where does most of you tone come from? i say mostly the amp but this guy says differently

from your amp?! no its 50/50 my friend, otherwise, ALL electics would have the same pickups, the same wiring, etc. Does a Les Paul sound like a Strat? Does a Strat sound like a Tele? When you go to Guitar Center next time, pick up a high end electric guitar and strum it unplugged, then pick up a similiar LOWER end model, do the same. I guarantee you will hear the difference. You should just check out a sound file of this sweet guitar, I have 2 more and I love them. I own an Eric Clapton Strat which sounds awesome, but I always find myself playing the T60s!

Did you know the T60 was HAND MADE!? It is a SOLID ONE piece guitar! Which equals TONE... as well as the coil and humbucker splitting pots/pickups!
he's right
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He would be correct. But, it can also be determined by your pickups, strings, and playing ability.
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well theres 3 basic things that determine tone, guitar, amp, and technique, i would honestly say alot of your tone does come from your amp, not to say guitars of different densitys and made of different woods wont sound different, but your amp effects alot more of your tone than your guitar, your playing style will effect alot too, i bet i could plug into eddie van halens rig and it still wont sound like van halen, just ponder that
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or EVH could pick up some crappy $90 sears guitar and still sound like himself. you've definatly got the technique part right dertjoe
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the amp is a big part. ive played on a bunch of different amps and they all sound a bit different and some make my guitar sound like absolute ass. pretty much everything about the guitar and amp makes up the tone in one way or another. but a big part is the amp, the guitar, and technique. things like size and brad of strings, kind of pick, how you pick, the pickups, the nut(yes even the nut), how thick your laquer is, kind of wood....etc(you get the point)....all these contribute to your tone. but even if all that is the way you like it, an amp can either make or break it.
It's all in the fingers. Granted, once the finger element comes into play, then the amp or pickups probably make the next biggest difference, but that is really up for debate.
everything factors in, but the tone/voice comes mostly from your amp.
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T60 is hand made? It's made in the US I know, but I don't think it's one piece, or has coil tap.

There's one at school which is about 10 years old (probably more) and you can see a join line down the middle. And it doesn't have coil tap.