what is the difference between f-spacing and regular
04 Ibanez RG220B with jackson bridge humbucker
the gap in between pole pieces in a humbucking pickup.

the excact space. i have no idea
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I think f-spaced humbuckers are for floyd rose equiped guitars. so the string spacing matches the pole peices.
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F spaced pickups are ment for guitars with tremolos
Regular are ment for guitars with TOM bridges.
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Floyd Rose bridges have slightly wider string spacing than Tune-o-matic bridges like the ones on Gibsons. Therefore, if you install normal pickups, the strings won't line up exactly with the pole pieces.

Seymour Duncan makes F-spacing versions of their humbuckers, called trembuckers. EMGs can be used with any type of bridge as they have no pole pieces.
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The F in F space stands for fender. Fender spacing is wider than gibson spacing and in the early days your only options were fender and gibson. I don't really like F spaced pickukps. They don't sound the same, and I don't thing you really loose anything using non F spaced pickups on guitars with trems.
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