So im lookin for and overdirve pedal to get alot of boost for leads. I need their to be enough gain to were two-hand tapping is loud. Im thinkin GNR solos or if anyones ever heard of a band called halifax thats the kind of solo tone i would like to achieve from the overdrive pedal. Price range is around 150$ or below. I DO NOT PLAY METAL so please do not recomend me a Boss MT-2 please. Thanks

P.S. Pedals i was thinking are like Boss OD-3 or Maxon OD-9. Boutique pedals are welcome
tubescreamer deluxe or the regular.
NOT the "tone-lok" one thats all silver and costs 60 bucks.
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check out www.analogman.com

some of the pedals are in and some are out of your range. there are just a lot of good boutique pedals offered here so take a look.
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