hi, i am new to guitar building and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about a good book, video, dvd, or plan that wouyld help me build my first guitar. I havnt done any custom work on guitars so i would need to know almost everything: wood, routing,wiring, etc.
i "own" that book, but it doesn't cover tremolos. it is rather good to learn the basics of guitar building, and it deals with the power tools and handtools methods of construction.
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It has a whole chapter on tremolos and includes a full size drawing of a tremolo cavity.
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stewmac.com has lots of instructional videos and books on guitar building.
I own "make your own electric guitar and bass"
it's pretty good for begginner builders, with timber, ellectronics, but the painting section is limited
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ok thanks, ill probly go and buy that book..

but i would think that acually seeing it being done would be helpful, any videos u guys recommend?