Can't think Like a theif
If I'm not a thief

Don't know how to dance
If I'm not a dancer

When's it gonna rain
I've got no gun


Found myself the other day
need more needles
but its okay
and I got my shoes
So we can run
and when we're there
I don't know what

The bridge is broke
but I found my way
Its not the end
but its still gay
I found myself
The other day
I can't see why
and I'm not okay

Your always tall
and your always mean
I hate you still
But I don't complain
I hope you die
A thousand times
but its okay
Cuz I don't complain

And I don't have
a single care
so I follow you
all of the time
Left behind with
only you to spare
Your my only friend
and your always there
ok well lets just say i thought the first bit, up till "it's still gay" was very obscure and well written reminded me or that guy from here who used to write about stuff like his washing machine (thehurtwithin was it?)

But you lost it... REALLY lost it

name calling and completely uncontrolled anger :S while i REALLY liked the start i didn't like the end, maybe turn it into two songs?

sorry you just REALLY threw me off with that gay comment to the point where i can't crit you properly, it went from completely random and pretty cool to complete "why?" in one moment
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This just reminded me of the time that my brother in law texted his mom on the night after his wedding. All it said was "Consummated."