i have a specific question, so any help would be extremely appreciated. i have a VOX AD30VT and i was wondering if anyone could give me a setting for a nice stevie ray vaughan-esque sort of sound? im quite partial to the cold shot sound. thanks again
He was using a leslie speaker on that song so it will be hard to get the exact sound.

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Blackface setting, and maybe use the chorus if there's a leslie in the song.
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i find the boutique OD preset gets me close to it. the blackface just doesnt have enough gain to cover that 'high gain' part of his sound, and the boutique od has enough clarity to sound convincing if you tweak it right
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I'd go with the Boutique OD. Isn't it supposed to be modelled after a Dumble amp? He used one or two of those...

Other than that, the blackface is your best bet.

Use your neck pickup (hopefully you have a strat?) with high mids and you should be close.
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