Ok, I have a washburn Lyon. The one you can get at Target. It was a birthday present from my Grandma about a year ago. My question is, would it be a big step up to buy a guitar for around 300 dollars? Because I find that this guitar is hard to play compared to some of my friends acoustics.
Well at that price you could get a Yamaha, Alvarez or a Takamine. Look in the stickied thread for info on what you could get.

And they would sound a fair bit better, but still not great when you compare them to more expensive guitars. They would however play much much better. You should go and play some of the ones around $300 and if they sound and feel that much better then go for it. But if you were ready to move on to a better guitar i would suggest you save up and spend about $600 - $700 if you are serious about moving up. That will get you quite a decent guitar that you shouldnt outgrow anytime soon.