I'm a bass virgin, but I'm joining a band that will have me playing bass. I'm already a fairly advanced guitarist, but I was wondering if there are any tips you bassists have about making the transition from guitar to bass. Any input you can give me is great. Thanks.
Don't think about it like a guitar. That doesn't mean don't use a pick if you want to - but just think of it as a new instrument altogether.

Neither does that mean go by all that less is more crap if you feel like being prominent. Just work with the band as a functioning unit, and you'll be fine. Nowhere is it written you can't have fancy lines and not be competing for the focus of the song.
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are you going to get lessons? because when i went from guitar to bass my teacher said i had bad habits because i played guitar first
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When you're jamming, try to follow the drummer more than anyone. For learning method later on, get used to fingerpicking....but you can use a pick to begin with

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you shouldnt have any problems if you're an advanced guitarist

What a completely ridiculous comment. That's like saying if I can sing I'll have no problems playing drums. Bass and guitar are almost completely different instruments with different roles in bands.

Anyways, the most important thing when playing bass is being on time. As long as you have a good rhythm section, then guitarists can slack off on timing. But if you're a bass player you have to work hard at getting connected with the rest of the group. To help you exceed in this skill, practice with a metronome. Do different rhythm exercises at different tempos and in different time signatures with a metronome. This'll help a lot.

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Well, a lot of help for your specific needs depend on what genre and style of music your band will be playing. However, overall learn to play the scales on bass, probably buy a book or get an instructor to help you learn to play the walking basslines and get you focused on the rhythm. But definately get in tune with the drummer, that is key. Otherwise if you only play as a guitarist with the guitarist, then the drummer is left high and dry, or is also forced to follow suit and play to the guitarist, and then it's all about the guitarist, making the band no longer a band. Everyone should be fighting to make themselves independent of one another while bouncing ideas off one another and playing off one another so that you are all still connected.
I started on bass so i really don't know.

Making this post useless.

EDIT: Like everyone else said, you need to think of a bass as a different instrument than guitar. There are different techniques and playing styles that you need to consider, and many other differences that can make or break you as a bassist.
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