Alright so while playing my Schecter today the strap peg on the bottom of my guitar decides to fall out. I caught my guitar as it fell but the problem is when I try to screw it back in it doesn't screw. The entire hole where it screwed in is stripped so it wont screw in and I don't know what to do. Can anyone give me some advice.
You need to use some sort of wood filler in there and then just screw the peg back on. Toothpicks and wood glue work well, but make sure the glue is completely dried before you try to screw it back in.
Yup. Just use the ol' toothpick-tip. Glue is optional. I've used toothpicks plenty of times without using any kind of adhesive and the pegs are still stable.

You only need one or two tooth picks. Just break'em all in half or 3rds if you want. Shove the pieces into the hole. You don't have to be too subtle about it. It doesn't matter if it looks uneven or anything. Just as long as there aren't any pieces sticking out above the guitar. It should be flush, this way the peg goes all the way down.

Then just screw the strap peg in and you're all set. It's alright if it doesn't tighten and lock. As long as the peg is all the way in and when you pull it, it doesn't come back out.
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I dont get the toothpick idea

But like it fits in but when ANY pressure is applied it just falls right out.

In other words theres no room for toothpicks
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You break the tooth picks and use them to fill the hole, and then screw the screw into that. The toothpicks fill up the wood that was stripped away by the screw threads, so you actually have something to screw into.
you cram in as many toothpicks as possibel and glue, and then u rescrew in thru the toothpicks, and let it set. use ur muscles.

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Uh cant I just super glue it in?

No, super glue, as with wood glue is too brittle to hold a screw in when it dries. You need to have some wood in there to be able to screw into. The toothpick pieces are needed. The glue added into them just assures that there isn't any slippage, although the outward pressure provided by the screw is really doing all the work.
Yea, but the hole will be too big.

Try out the good ol toothpick method. Just search for toothpick and strap.
but like how would I get the glue in if the tooth picks are clogged in it. then how would I get my peg back in
Basically, recreate this:

A little glue, and add the toothpicks. Go easy on it and make sure you wipe any of it that gets on the finish with a damp rag before it dries. Then just screw into that newly filled spot.
OH! thanks!

I thought that the hole went like into my guitar body so the glue and toothpicks would fall in!
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