in your opinion what would be better for me to get i play 80s metal some new stuff but mostly 70's and 80's hard rock
playing chords would be hard with the malmsteen strat seeing how the frets are scalloped...
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Quote by sirlimecat
playing chords would be hard with the malmsteen strat seeing how the frets are scalloped...

i have a scalloped guitar i done it my self i find it very easy to do chords dispite what some people say, i just wanted some opinions on wether i should spend the $2000
for it or the 1200 for the kh
For one thing Malmsteen strats are $1400 from pretty much anybody I've seen...

I have one and I think they kick ass. The real question is whether you can handle having only 21 frets. Also you have to keep in mind that the Malmsteen Strat has 3 stacked humbuckers, whereas the KH has 2 full sized EMGs.


21 frets vs 24
3 stacked vs 2 EMGs
Scalloped vs Non-Scalloped

Personally I also think the strats look a lot better; the skull fret inlays on the KH are downright corny.
Quote by Jongpil Yun
For one thing Malmsteen strats are $1400 from pretty much anybody I've seen...

thats in the us im in canada up here the guitar gets sold for the us list price from fender which is $1999.99
but im getting it for 1900,00 taxes in

i have a jackson with 24 frets and i usually dont go above 21 most songs dont use those high frets anyway,well atleast the ones i play dont nothing a good bend on the 21st couldnt solve lol
what amp do you have?
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alright, well...my friend has the Yngwie one(top of the line), and I've played it. I thought it was a piece of shit, and looked even worse. I have the Kirk (top of the line) and I downright love it. It has amazing tone, plays better than any guitar I've ever played, the rose is amazing, the EMG's give the power you want, yet the clean you need.

I HIGHLY suggest Kirks...

plussssssssssssss ESP is one of the best companies for your money out there.
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Holy! The YJM Strat is discontinued?! :|

makes the decision alot easier....
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Damn... I haven't even had the chance to buy one !!
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
Quote by alexi_laiho
makes the decision alot easier....

yea it does
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ok sorry for the double post i just got off the phone with fender that version is discontinued theres a new better one being unvailed at NAMM 2007
I've been lusting after the Yngwie model for awhile, never wanted to drop the money though.